Audi A8 L 3D integrated campaign

Audi A8 L 3D integrated campaign is actually a campaign about Audi A8's latest model that is as long as the name of the campaign itself. Don't take my word for it, look at the "L" in the name, that signifies it's Long. Long Wheelbase, to be precise. 

Being an auto enthusiast, I was excited about it ever since Srinivas informed me about it. Anyways, so this campaign was organized by Creativeland Asia at PVR, Juhu who takes pride in having waterless toilets.

The event being on the fifth floor of a multiplex, it was nothing like a traditional car launch which I earlier misunderstood it to be.

And no, the campaign was nothing like it's shown in the above pic.

Nope, she wasn't present there either. 
Between you and me, actually we don't go to public functions together. She went to the Australian launch while I went to the 3D campaign here in Mumbai, so that, neither of us miss the event, at the same time the paparazzi doesn't clicks us together. Jennifer looks gorgeous in this LBD isn't it? Ya, I know. I keep telling her the same.

Coming back to the event; so finally I reached the 5th floor where the event was taking place, not before being frisked thrice on my way to the 5th floor. Damn, people seriously don't believe that a 20 something guy can actually afford an A8. Maybe, they're right. Heck. So upon arrival, I was greeted by this guy wearing a Creativeland Asia Tee who asked me where I'm came from (he meant company/publication probably)? Apprehensively, I told him I was a blogger and pointed out my name in the list. Much to my relief, I wasn't thrown out, instead was asked to wear this particular friendship band.

While heading toward the open bar to drink some daru interact with other bloggers, ran into a pretty girl called Malvika, (the very girl who mailed me the event's invitee) who educated me more about the event.

Just then I met Srinivas (who was carrying a camera) & Sudeep (who was carrying a beer mug). After the casual hi...hello, we thought of going inside the screening hall and take seats but were stopped as liquor wasn't allowed inside. Sudeep had to finish his beer in about 27 seconds (not his personal best though). Thankfully, Srini didn't had any such problems with his camera.

As we entered, the organizers gave us 3D glasses. The entrance was lined with photographers and cameramen. *Phew* Paparazzis, I tell you.

Inside the hall, there were black boxes and grey folders (containing press release & a DVD) under which seats were placed on which we were supposed to sit.

Soon, Raj who happens to be some big guy in Creativeland Asia, started the proceedings with introductions and gave us all a thorough why, what, who, whom, where, withered, without, watered, whaddup & what not regarding the whole 3D campaign which inshort was the world's first 3D integrated campaign and it was about Audi A8's newest version, the Audi A8 L (2011 edition). Raj would either talk about the campaign (which he did for a time period which in mathematical terms was 2.57 eternities) or would get into Philosophical mode and talk about peace of mind, contentment, yoga, higher level of existence, chastity (okay maybe not chastity) & blah blah. Whatever happened to focusing on the product?!?! It was almost like the owner of the Opera House coming out and talking about the effort he and his crew put in, in vacuuming the carpet and the seats, instead of welcoming/felicitating the musicians.

Along came, Michael, Director of Audi India, who seemed to be a jolly good fellow & more importantly, talked about things that were less boring. Finally, someone spoke about the product. About the company. About the car. About Audi. About A8.

At first, they showed us an advert/short clip of the new car in 2D and then later on in 3D, with the glasses on. More on that later. First, let me tell you, what that mystery black box contained. Nopes, it didn't contain a scale model of the A8, unlike my high expectations. Instead, it had this...

It's a pair of 3D glasses for home viewing their website. :-S
Funny thing, this one is. It actually has two different colored glasses (blue & red). It looks more like the glasses used to track Mr. India's invisbility. The box also contained a 3D picture booklet of A8 which looks like its misprinted given its 3D appearance. Well, it's supposed to look that way if you see it without wearing those 3D glasses.

Coming back to the short clip, I'd say it's one of the coolest adverts ever. And no, I'm not paid to say this. Well, not yet atleast (someone listening?).

From what I understand, the advert is actually about this guy... 

...who has Rajnikanthesque superhuman power; who, if bothered can inhale from the bottom of his stomach in such a powerful way that it throws him backwards...

Not only that, but his inhaling is so powerful that all the components of the car are drawn towards him...

Seats, headrest, suspension, c pillars, arm rests, wing mirrors...

steering wheel, satnav, clock, volume & AC controlling knobs, jumbojet-takeoff-shifter-lookalike gear lever...
headlights, windshield, bonnet, wheels & all the remaining bits and pieces come together and make this beautiful car.

Not to forget, this was all done by a single breath...infact half a breath. Do, notice how the car levitates in air for a while.

And the car drops to the floor, only once he's done breathing in & is about to exhale.

& more importantly

Hence, I wonder, why they made the whole thing around the car when it was this gentleman who was responsible for it all? Confusing souls these creative people are.

Click here to see the clip. Or here if you hate intros.

After the clip, there was a small question-answer session with Michael to whom, yours truly asked a couple of questions about Audi starting their single make races in India too, to which he replied that, they're looking at racing aspect in India but would take a more concrete decision once F1 track is laid down later in the year.

Post presentation was the drinks session, where I waited the entire length 2 wine glasses for Richard to get done with the interviews, so the petrol head in me can go up and talk to him one on one and ask a few more questions but sadly by the time I reached 3rd starter, he had left.

Nonetheless, it was an interesting experience! Now, just waiting for the invitation for the official launch of the car where the car is present in physical sense and I'm not made to wear some funny glasses to get the feel of it.

Ahmedabad Traffic (non)Sense

So last week, I was in Ahmedabad. Went there after almost 15months. IMO Ahmedabad has the highest potential difference between the best roads and worst drivers. I'd stick my neck out and say, the roads over there are even better than what we have here in Mumbai but the people over there have driving sense (or should I say 'driving nonsense') of Mr. Neanderthal.
I hate to admit it but most Mumbai autorickshaw drivers are angels compared to 97.37% Ahmedabadis possessing a driving license. Ahmedabad has great infrastructure, no doubts about it. But, after laying awesome tarmac, the local authorities over there undid all of it by constructing huge circles instead of traffic signals at most of vehicle-overflowing crossroads. You know, you use circles instead of traffic signals only at places where people have basic understanding of how turn signal & rear view/door mirror works. Also, it seems that the guy in charge of switching on the traffic lights is on a sabbatical & hence you feel you're in the middle of some 'Die Hard 4' movie. Also at places where the traffic lights ARE working, the traffic police exercises their VETO power. 
Speaking of traffic police, I believe they're the unfearfullest traffic cops I've ever seen. I mean, here in Mumbai whenever you see a traffic cop, you go through a mental check list of things you should have - license, helmet/seat belts, Insurance, PUC... and if even one box is unchecked you keep a low profile and drive/ride to the extreme right hiding behind a lorry/truck & try to get away. It's not the same in Ahmedabad. They're not bothered if you're wearing helmet or not or you jump a red light when the traffic from the other end is slim. In Jeremy's words, Ahmedabad's like Greece; the authorities have given roads saying, "Look here's the road, you drive. If you get mangled, don't come crying to us". If you ask me, that's how it's supposed to be. Give us great infrastructure, leave it to us, how we wanna use it w/o the guys in uniform stopping us every 27 meters. :P
All in all, I'd say, Kudos to infrastructure in Ahmedabad but 4 thumbs down for the drivers. Combine Ahmedabad roads with Mumbai traffic sense and you have an Epicwin, other way around is Apocalypse.