Melbourne: The world's most liveable city

Isn't it funny that whichever city you live in becomes the most liveable city in the world, for you? To settle this dispute few level-headed people decided to conduct a poll to see which is the world's most liveable city. Not surprisingly, Melbourne took the crown. This means, every single soul who doesn't hold the title of Melbournian wants to visit it. But the questions is, how exactly do you go about the city? There's a difference between the 'city with the most tourist footfalls' and 'the most liveable city.' Visiting the former is simple, you only need to do the usual touristy stuff and a 2 nights, 3 days, 9 meals, 20 photos visit would suffice; but for the former, you need to stay long enough to feel the essence of the city in your soul. 
The only way to know Melbourne - the world's most liveable city, one needs to know what makes the city that it is. And by that, I don't mean the you need to know that stats like population, timezone, languages spoken & the name of mayor. Definitely not. These details you can get from Wikipedia. I mean to say, to know Melbourne, you have to live there and fill your senses with the flavor of Melbourne. This feeling can't be captured with a bunch of photographs or explained to you by a tour guide, this is something that can be acquired only when your open and submit yourself to the city.
In order to open your heart and mind to the city, you need to take these 4 scientifically designed trails. It's not like I just sat down and just made this up; these trails have been calibrated thanks to years of research and hard-work of self-appointed geniuses who've worked at NASA . Not sure about you, but I have full faith in NASA (National Alibaug Sindhi Association) & I'm going to take these 4 trails without an iota of doubt.

1. The Melbourne Identity: This trail will take you through the toughest touristy terrain.  This trail is about the 'identity' of the city that's shown in brochures and Facebook albums. Here you will experience and see what your 'average tourist' takes back home. The major tourist spots would include the usual suspects - museums, zoo, heritage walk, few skyscrapers & landmarks, the shopping district and a couple of iconic hotels/restaurants. Most tourists go back home after checking out this scenic identity. But Melbourne is not your average tourist city. In fact, this is where you see the real distinction between a tourist and a traveler. A tourist will stop at the Melbourne Identity; but a traveler will go beyond, complete the 36 4 chambers of Melbourne and attain nirvana. 
2. The Melbourne Supremacy: While Melbourne Identity was only about seeing stuff, Melbourne Supremacy is about doing/experiencing it. Here you will take back experiences, and not just photographs for your Facebook album. I want to swim with the dolphins, learn to surf the waves, feed the nature's original teddy bears - koalasstroll on the beach with the penguins a trip to the vineyards and exploring a gold mine. I want to do all this and much more.
3. The Melbourne Ultimatum: This trail is about YOU. It's not about what the tour guide says or what the sightseeing book recommends, it's about what YOU wish to do. I'm a sports junkie, and I want to enjoy Melbourne as a sportsman. I want to be right in the middle of the action. I want to hire a car and trace the F1 circuit map at the Albert Park. Agreed, I have to abide by the traffic laws, but knowing that fact that I'm driving on the same tarmac and turning around the same corners that F1 drivers zip past on their mutli-million dollar machines, will give me a different high. One thing that strongly links India and Australia is Cricket. So, how about a game of cricket at the famous MCG? No, I don't want Brett Lee to bowl at me, but I'd love to be a part of a local club side in a friendly game. Can I get to practice a set or two at the Melbourne Park? Maybe someone can help me improve my backhand. And when you're in Melbourne, how can you miss the beach? If I can manage to gather 3 mates, we can participate in a 4-a-side Beach Volleyball matches at VIC Beach. This is my choice, yours could vary. Whether you like culture & arts, heritage, nature & wildlife, sports, farms & vineyards or party zone, Melbourne won't disappoint to cater to your special needs. In fact, Melbourne offers something for everyone. 
4. The Melbourne Legacy: Melbourne Ultimatum was all about ME, Melbourne Legacy is all about the Melbournians. I want to travel the way Melbournians travel, eat the food that they cook, have coffee at the cafes they visit and party the way they party. And don't forget thy watering holes. I want to travel by the trams and get lost in the bylanes without a GPS. I want to mingle with the locals and find my way back. 
For more information on what else to do Melbourne, visit this link:
I've decided to go to Melbourne, so should you. Believe me, it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW! 
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Nirvana said...

Wow! Did you design these trails yourself, or did you find it any tourist guide? These seem to be the precise way to discove ANY city - kudos! All the best.

Phoenix said...

@Nirvana: Thank you. Well, I designed them on my own.

fadii said...

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