Festival preparations: Why we do it?

Humans have celebrated festivals since time immemorial. Festivals are the most important as well as the most basic form of celebration. From the earliest humans of 10,000 BC to the mobile-phone-slave of today's era, festivals have always been an intricate part of our species. Festivals define us, our identity and our civilization. Festivals tell the world "who we are" and what "we're capable of!"

In addition to culture and celebrations, festivals have also been used to signify power and strength. In Spain, encierro OR Running of the Bulls - a practice that involves running in front of a group of bulls is observed on the seventh day of Sanfermines festival. Many African tribes tattoo themselves or go hunting during special festive days, to show their physical prowess.

Festivals are also a reason for all the ecstasy and fun. In fact, it is this happiness that makes us want to sweat a bit more in planning for the festivities so that we can enjoy them on the big day. Imagine how much planning it would go in organizing the La Tomatina Festival. Can you think of the logistical nightmare that organizers of Oktoberfest go through before the beer-chugging kicks off?

Samba dancers starts their choreography for the Rio Carnival, months in advanced; and an elaborate and detailed groudnwork goes in to prepare for the Chinese New Year. 

Not just that, even in India, the sculptors start working on Ganpati and Durga idols months in advance, before Ganeshotsav and Durga Puja. We start polishing our kite flying skills from as early as December, before the Makar Sankranti arrives on 14th January. And who can forget being dragged in the Diwali cleaning work by our mothers when all we wanted to do was play with our friends during 3 week Diwali vacation!

Irrespective to where you live, which religion you follow and what customs you observe; one common festive activity binds us all is the preparation! Everyone wants to celebrate their festival in the best possible way and hence, we work tirelessly to make sure the big day is celebrated in the most spectacular fashion.

Irrespective of how exhausting and hectic it gets, in the end, when it all comes together and you see your loved ones appreciating your efforts and enjoying the festivites that YOU planned, it all pays off!

It's notable that while we make sure everything is aesthetically pleasing during the festivals, we often overlook the sense of smell. But now, there's a fairly easy way to do it. Just one "swish" of Aer and your guests will smell the festivities even before they see it. Have you tried it yet?


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