Music is something that appeals to all of us. But everyone has a different taste. What might be noise to one person may be a headbanging metal sound to another. Similar, what might be a howling noose to some might be a beautiful opera song to another.

For bikers, their bike is not less than a beuriful lady; and every sound it makes, is music to their ears

Taking this though forward, MRF created the MRF NV Mix. Here, the bikers can mix the sounds of various elements of the bike and turn it in to a tune. Yes, these sounds were recorded from the actual bikes and they ain't some electronially developed fake noise.  

The fun doesn't just stop here, one can also download these and set it as rightone. And if you think you've created a Grammy-winning track, shsre it with your friends and collect votes. The track with the most votes and judges' marks stamds to win a Honda CBR 250R.

In order to win the bike of your  dreams, here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Create your profile using FB or G+

Step 3: Create your mix. For this:

I. Select the type of track (Hiphop, Bollywood, EDM or Rock).
II. Select the type of tyre (MoGrip for Offroading OR Zapper for City sounds).
III. Select the biking elements' sounds that you wish to add.
IV. Compose everything.

Step 4: Share the track with your family and friends, and ask them to vote.

Step 5: Pray.

MRF NV series tyres are designed for high performance bikes with displacements 150cc and above. NV Series' Mogrip and Zapper are top of the line two-wheeler tubeless tyres engineered to perform more and for a wider range of motorbikes, off as well as on the road. 

Still reading this post? Head over to and start producing those foot-tapping numbers.  


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