3G Life

There's too much buzz going around these days about 3G mobile technology coming to Indian shores and all. But, I still can't seem to forget how humbly it all started. No, I'm not talking about Mr. Bell, I'm talking about how the mobile phones were once projected as something only a person capable of buying a Mercedes could afford it. I still remember that day when my father was riding me to school and on the way, I saw a man talking on a mobile phone for the first time and thought "Wow...that guy must be really loaded. The day I could afford a mobile phone, I'd consider myself to be rich." Those were the days when an outgoing would cost you as much as Rs. 16 per minute & Rs. 14 per minute for incoming.

Not sure, if everyone has vivid memories of how & when they saw mobile phone for the first time but I'm sure everyone still remembers having child like excitement on beating someone else's top score in a humble game of Snake.

We all have come a long way since then...but now, what next?

The answer is...

3G Life.

So, what is this 3G?

Unless you're above the age of 43 or living under a rock, you'd already be knowing what 3G actually is. In either case, I don't need to tell you about 3G; as at that age there's no way, you'd not know what 3G actually means and still manage to find a link to his blog (unless you happen to glance over your son's shoulder when he's reading this blog) nor it's possible to get an ISP to provide net connection under that rock your living currently, Heck, I'll still explain it anyways. So, it's basically 3rd Generation Mobile which will provide you a host of features which you can't even think of, or maybe you can. And no, it doesn't mean Gorilla Gangs of Guatemala.

Video Calling

Video Calling is something homo sapiens have fantasized ever since they made the first cave painting. Tata Docomo has finally made that dream come true for Mr. Neanderthal with 3G.

Apart from Mr. Neanderthal asking his wife, which tree she'd like him to climb, there a bunch of other random things that you and me can do via Video Calling.

So, its proven 3G spreads love, salvages relationships & reduces the number of break ups. In other words,
3G is a Cupid's insurance policy.

For those of you, who don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend...you can use 3G more wisely like this fellow here.

Mobile TV

Have you ever felt that you have a one too less television sets in your house?
Have you ever been dragged to a boring weeding of your mother's cousin's younger brother's father-in-law's neighbor's nephew's tailor's son?
Do you often find yourself fighting with your mother, sister, wife and/or maid (if you're a female, read father, brother, husband and/or milkman) for controlling the remote control?
If you answer YES to one, two, three or all of the above questions then look no further; 3G is all you require.

Don't believe what I'm saying, listen to what this guy over here has to say...

Remote Surveillance

When on a vacation, how many times have you felt that... "Did I switch all the light off?", "Have I closed that tap properly?", "Did I put the toilet seat down?", "Have I locked that porn movie folder in C drive after watching it last night?", "Was the front door properly locked?" ??

 If such questions bother you, then 3G is THE thing for you. All you need to do is to put up a prison rivaling surveillance cameras in your house and connect the thing with internet and bham!!! You can monitor and check your couch, utensils, pillow, toilet paper and everything in between right from your mobile phone.

This is exactly what this guy has in mind. Well, not exactly, but, more or less.

High Speed Data Transfer

The biggest problem in our country is that everything runs/works/happens with breakneck speed; that includes traffic, internet speeds, infrastructure projects, legal matters as well as getting a certification saying the said person has left this planet, Amen.  And with breakneck speed I mean, nothing gets done till you get frustrated and break someone's neck or vice versa.

But with 3G, that's gonna change. You'll no longer age between page visits. You will no longer grow a child by the time a movie gets downloaded. No longer will you spend doing the chores around the house by the time your new DP gets uploaded. Never again you'll weave a mattress till a 3min youtube video gets buffered.

Video On Demand

Wouldn't it be great if you could record the live cricket match and then watch it laters when you're free, unless you happen to be as lucky as this fellow who has all the time in world to watch it, possibly even in 3D?

What would you do if you're tired and sleepy and can't stay up for that late night Barcaleno match, as you'll be having a semi important presentation next day? Just record it and watch it next day or just demand it as & when you need it. Yes, you CAN demand your favorite football game, k-serial, Miss Universe or that particular episode of Koffee with Karan that you missed while boozing with your friends at the bar.

Video Gaming

Now, thanks to 3G, gaming is not just geek forte. Everyone, can now get a piece of the uber cool gaming industry. Now you can drive a Formula Car, diffuse a nuclear bomb, shake a leg Elvis style, save the world from zoombies & much more...all thanks to Tata Docomo's 3G Life. And what more, you do compete against that 8year old kid from Tokyo who considers himself a Gaming God. So, are you ready to kick some Japanese ass?

Apart from these cliche advantages, there are many other individual specific benefits too...
Don't trust me? Check out for yourself.


Staying in touch with specially gifted people

Rural India connectivity

Traffucked? Not anymore

Reduces Corruption

Makes you spiritual

Make you go crazy

So now you see, how excited this universe is about 3G? Infact, so exicted were the blokes at Indiblogger that while putting up the Tata Docomo banner on their site, they got all teary eyed out of excitement and the anxiety of a cheap 3G plan made their fingers tremble so much that at first they got the contest end date a lil wrong. 

But worry not, a cold shower and half a dozen pints later they realized their silliness and changed the end date from 5th August to 5th November.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a Tata Docomo 3G connection, now.

STATUTORY WARNING: This blog is strictly written in public interest. Well, actually it's written for this contest but I'd like to consider that it's written in public interest as I'll not only be competing for this contest but also imparting knowledge, making the sponsors of this contest happy and the blokes at Indiblogger a bit richer. All the proceeding from the prize money will go towards protection of mankind as I won't go crazy and kill the judges and voters for not winning some mollah. So if you're registered user of Indiblogger, I'd request you to vote for ME inorder to keep my violence in check.

P.S. The twitter images shown in this blog have all been a part of the #My3GLife # tag, that was launched by Tata Docomo as a part of an online competition, hence, I'd like to thank Tata Docomo and all the participants for the same. Or not.


Nandhini said...

I really enjoyed reading this one forgetting the thought that it was written for the contest. Absolutely loved all the fun. The best was wedding of somebody's somebody's......and the high speed data transfer paragraph.

And I guess the selection is not based on votes. So if luck is in your favour and the chooser enjoys as much as I enjoyed, that money is in your hand! My sincere wishes for this post to win!

Phoenix said...

@Nandhini ... Awww thank you so much for that lovely comment. :)
Yup, you're right, selection is not based on just the votes. And you know what, even if I don't win (which I sincerely hope I do), that comment of yours had made it worth while to take all the pain of writing this blog. Thanks once again. :)

dubey!! said...

i dont care if it wins or not ..I just LOVED it :D great compilation of tweets and thoughts. cheers

Phoenix said...

@Dubey... Thank you. Glad you like it. :)

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