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Over the past few months mankind has done a lot of stupid things and people have started to wonder if we as a race have already peaked. Let's keep that for discussion for another. For now, let's talk about what's good about our species as agreed upon unanimously but the entire population: 1. Jennifer Lawrence 2. Aston Martin 3. Curiosity.

Welcome back! Now, since you're back after drooling over #1 & #2's images on Google, let's talk about #3. Curiosity is one of the best things about human kind. It is this curiosity that makes us want to ride a tractor on Mars, dive to the bottom of the ocean to find out Kate Winslet's sketches and give Miley Cyrus a chance to perform on stage to find out the depth of the human stupidity. All these won't have been possible without us being curious. People have often been curious about their future. In fact, this has given rise to a new industry consisting of astrologers, palmists, face readers, tantriks, tarot card reads and others. Though it's not yet officially recognized, according to a research the "Curiosity Industry" is 10 times more profitable than IT, Pharma, Petroleum, Infrastructure and Auto Industries combined.

The other day, I also got curious to find out what curiosity feels like. I started wondering about future and how we the every aspect of our daily life would be different than what it is today. Say, in the year 2030 how would be eat, shop, communicate, commute and work. I believe a bunch of these issues will be solved by eBay.

Picture this:

- You wake up. You go to brush your teeth, but you're out of toothpaste. 

So what'll you do? You'll log on to eBay, and choose whichever toothpaste you're looking to buy.

Since we'll be a lot more environment conscious, we'll never throw away our empty toothpastes but just refill it. That too from the comfort of your home. Just place it in a toothpaste vending machine and the chemicals in the machine will blend in the toothpaste of your choice and refill it for you.

Based on whichever toothpaste you want, you will buy it from the respective company, say, Pepsodent, and then that company will send a set recipe (closely guarded secret of the company) of the paste to your TVM, which will then read the instructions and blend all the ingredients+chemicals and churn out the paste for you.

- Now it's time for your morning coffee. 

So will you make it? Simple, go to your eBay and buy yourself a coffee.

Go to the eBay shop of your favorite cafe - Barista, Cafe Coffee Day, Starbucks or any other. Select your cafe and your fav. coffee and after check out, your system will instruct your coffee machine via bluetooth as to which coffee to make and how to make it. Hence, you never have to worry that your homemade cappuccino never tastes as good as Starbucks'. Once you've bought the coffee, Starbucks will tell the coffee machine the type of beans to grind and the amount of milk and water to add and voila! Your cuppa is ready!

What's more, you don't have to take the pains of selecting the coffee every morning when you're getting late for work. Just set up a monthly pack of Cappuccino and set the time in your Account settings and everyday, without you logging on, the Coffee Machine will be make the coffee and will be ready for you when you wake up. We do have coffee machines with timers available but this one will give you coffee from whichever cafe you want. You can even program upto 30 different settings for different days of the week for different members of the family. So now, on Mondays, you can have capuccino from CCD while your wife can have Decaf from Barista, while on Tuesdays, you can have hot chocolate while she's have black tea. And with so many different settings (30 in total), you can even program it to have different types of coffee on different days. All of this courtesy of eBay.

Okay now you're hungry and looking for some breakfast.

So what'll you do?  Simple. Stand in front of your wall - which also projects images from internet , and by tell whisper it to the voice assistant hidden in the wall to take you to eBay. (Not to mention, the phrase "deewaron ke bhi kaan hote hai" will became a reality in 2013).

Since it's your breakfast time, a simple "hand to mouth" gesture will be sufficient for eBay to take you to your fav. deli/breakfast place list. Once there, select whichever breakfast you feel like having. Just like the coffee, here too the bluetooth will send instruction to your automated 3D food printer. The food printer is capable of reproducing from a combination of 18000 textures, 42000 smells and 57000 colours. Any combination of these textures, smells and colours can be processed instantly by the Intel i91 chip that's inside. The 3D printer has edible dyes and edible paper to replicate real food to 99.97% detail. Not just that, just so that you also get nutrients with your food, the 3D Food Printer will inject vitamins, minerals, carbs, fat, proteins, amino acids etc. in the food that the product coming out of the food printer will be exactly like the real food even in nutritional value.

Guess, what? As an exclusive feature to eBay, you can even tune the nutritional value. So, just because you're on a strict diet doesn't mean you can't have a rich pastry. eBay's partnership with all the fast-food and restaurant franchisee ensures that you get the exact taste what you'd get outside but without feeling guilty. So now, for the first time, you'll have liberty to eat that cheesy burger and those fries but with 90% less fat content. Diabetes is no longer going to stop you from having that chocolate mousse. All thanks to 3D Food Printers and eBay.

- So breakfast is done, what next? You're right, next is riding a horse.

But wait, you don't have riding shoes. Nor you have riding pants and riding jacket. So, what should you do? Simple, head to eBay and check out the latest range of shoes and attire. And what next? No, you're wrong. It'll be stupid to have a bluetooth enabled giant textile machine and a shoe maker (or whatever it's machine is called). Why would you even thing about that? So after you've chosen you shoe, just place the order. The webcam which till 2013 was used for Skyping, now also scans you from head to toe and takes exact measurement of your body. This info is now sent to nearest automated garment factory. This one factory will be able to sew any type of cloth in any fashion in minutes.

This means, 1. Not bothering that an item bought online might not fit you. 2. Never having to worry about a particular store not stocking all the items.

Designers' showrooms will be replaced by state-of-the-art, fully-automated garment factories which would be much more efficient. Since the transportation of ready-made clothes is out of the question, the clothes will be much more cheaper. No itinerary overhang, hence, you don't have to worry about a store stocking out-of-fashion garments but last season's stock ain't sold. 

Now, the entire collection is online, everything is in stock and everything fits. Just choose your garment and leave the rest to eBay and the designer. 

- So what will you do after the horse riding? No, you're wrong. Not lunch. You feel off the horse and broke your ankle. You don't know how to ride a horse, remember? So now, it's hospital time.

The doctor thinks your ankle is badly injured. He needs titanium plates to insert in your hell and ankle. But since the nation is planning to launch a rocket to JackSparrow - 4th planet of the star NinjaAssassin, the titanium is scarce. Due to this scarcity, it's prices have gone so high that to buy you, the doctor might have to sell your liver. So now it's a battle between football and vodka. Just then, doctor has an eureka moment and decides to buy those titanium cufflinks that Sir Ravindra Jadeja wore in his 15th 007 movie 'From Rajkot With Love', that are up for auction on eBay. He used those cufflinks to hold your ankle in place. Because, why not? If they can hold His Highness Sir Sri Sri Lord Ravindra Jadeja's sleeves in places, can't be just stick a mortal human being's bones?

Since the surgery took so long, you access eBay app from your mobile - a piece of foldable screen twice the size of a credit card, and order Chicken Tikka from Copper Chimney. But since doctor has asked you to cut down on spice, you customize your food - tune down the masala factor and raise the proteins & vitamins. And when you reach home, all you have to do is hop (like, literally) to the 3D Food Printer, take out hot food and eat it.

This is a typical day in the life of a homo sapien sapien bluray.

This is about 2030. However, if you're curious to know how you can buy on eBay right now, check out: bit.ly/eBayCheck_Extention


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