The Mud Rush Monsoon Edition: Downright Dirty And Fantastic

It is a general consensus that Monday is the worst of all the weekdays while Friday is the best one. And if you’re asking, “Why is that so?” then you probably are a toddler or an alien. Or someone from Middle East; in which case, for you, Saturdays are Mondays and Wednesdays are Fridays.

Either way, weekend is when people get an escape from their routine, mundane work life and recharge their batteries. With regards to that, there are two types of people in the world:
1. Those who curl up in bed with a book or a stock pile of DVDs and relax all through the weekend. 
2. Those who set off on an adrenaline-pumping adventure during the weekends, and get ready for upcoming week in full spirit.

This post is about those 3000+ Type II people who participated in the Monsoon Edition of The Mud Rush. Mud Rush is for those who like to usher in the new week with a testosterone busting weekend adventure. 

The Mud Rush is a military boot-camp style run where the runners encounter various obstacles throughout the course of the run. As a run, you need to cross these to the best of your ability by either climbing, jumping, sliding, crawling, swimming or any which way possible. After the tremendous success of the first edition of The Mud Rush which took place at Kolad, the bigger and better second edition of The Mud Rush was organized on 31st October, 2013; at the picturesque Jadhavgadh Fort. 

The 6.3 km. long obstacle course at this 300 year old fort tested the participants physical as well as your mental endurance. In this edition of The Mud Rush, the runners were made to overcome 21 obstacles. This was a significant rise in the number of obstacles from the first edition of The Mud Rush which had only 15 obstacles.

While the course was designed to test your stamina; the sequence, placement and the type of the obstacles made sure the participants stayed interested & entertained till the end. The run is not time-trial, so that not only participants take their own sweet time to finish the course, they also get to enjoy every minute of it. The run also promoted team-building since you not only run for yourself but you also motivate and cheer for others. Grabbing a stranger's hand to pull them out of the ditch, showing others the best technique to clear an obstacles and cheering a rusher who's struggling soldier on were some of common scenes played through the entire day. The Mud Rush is a place where the strangers become friends and friends become motivators.

If you thought that The Mud Rush is only for the youngistan, you're mistaken. There was a 65 year+ grandma crossing the obstacles like a pro alongside her daughter and other family members. It's scenes like these that make the entire event worth it.\

And at the end of the race, every participant with rewarded a medal - as a token of appreciation of their grit. And not to forget - a chilled beer. You start the run with Red Bull (gives you wings!) and you end it with a Kingfisher; with so many wings around, how can you NOT have a heavenly experience? (Okay, I know, bad joke. Sorry.)

If you thought The Mud Rush is only about fun and frolic, you're mistaken. The good guys at The Mud Rush partnered with Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI) and their brand ambassador Milind Soman was present at the event to spread aware about this deadly disease.
Clement D'Souza
The rush didn't just end there. The rushers were rewarded with some foot-tapping, booty-shaking, electrifying music. At the EDM Sundowner Party, Clement D'Souza, Anish Sood, SEQU3L and Ajit Pai's tunes kept the crowd grooving for the rest of the evening.

Anish Sood
Anish Sood
Needless to say, The Mud Rush Monsoon Edition was one helluva experience. I got bruised, tired, even bled; and by the end of it, got downright dirty, in literal sense. But honestly speaking, I wouldn't want it any other way.

P.S. Thank you to Photokatha for associating me with the Mud Rush and arranging for the transport.


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