Fuel Tank or Fool's Tank?

Why is it that we get to see longggggg queues on petrol pumps the evening before the fuel price hike? I mean, whenever the inflation's cheerleaders, the so-called "government" announces price hike, people rush to the petrol pumps as if it were a 98% off Christmas sale! Get a life people, an increase of Rs. 1-1.50-2 is not gonna make you sell your kidneys. 

Let's say, you have a 2 wheeler, you're not saving more than 15 bucks even with a full tank. That's the same amount you'll be saving if you don't ask for extra extra cheese on your cheesy hamburger, not mentioning the favor you & your ass will be doing to your body & the seat, respectively.

Even if you have a car, with a 50 liter fuel tank, at max., what you'll save is 100 bucks. 100 bucks - that's another 2 liters of fuel. Considering you're getting your lazy ass up and driving to pumps specially to be a part of the brainless dash to make your tank overflow, you're already wasting fuel worth a similar amount, considering you'll be crawling through long queues keeping your engine ON and then again wasting a similar amount by not turning your key at red signals during the trip.

This especially pains me 'cause on that fateful day if someone actually has some emergency and has to top his tank up, he'll have to wait endless to see a series of dickheads hitting a jackpot with a full tank, before getting his turn to have a genuine refuel. Not Cool! *shaking head*


Vikrama Dhiman said...

I agree. I haven't quite figured it out. So much time people waste for Rs. 50/- ka saving? There is definitely something I am unable to see.

Phoenix said...

@Vikrama @TruckDriver ... Nice to see people agreeing with me.
FYI...the very same thing happened with me a month back when the last time INR2-3.5 were increased on petrol/diesel. It was 11ish and I was getting late for a house party and had to rush...bt had lil fuel...given the distances in Mumbai had to refuel, but given the fact that next day, fuel prices were gonna be hiked I waited for 20-25mins in queue.
It was just a party so no harm done, but what if someone had to rush to a hospital or catch a flight... he'd certainly get screwed cause of these jerks.

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