With Great Power Comes Great Responsiblity

First of all let me clarify, I think we all got off on a wrong foot here. Most of the people who've already read my other posts think that I just blog about random, shitty, unnecessary, stupid stuff. So, I just thought of writing this post and showing it to everyone that I do & can take sense; and CAN give useful advice like others.

This post is for all those who're low on confidence and who think that they're pathetic-filthy-good-for-nothing-slimy-pests-on-the-face-of-this-earth. Incase, you're not one such creature then let me save you some time and inform you in advance that this post will do no good for you. You needn't waste your time reading it and this thing IS infact pointless like you thought it would be.

Back to pests. You see, you guys ain't that pathetic, you all are actually quite responsible people. Infact, each one of you (and if I think harder, I guess I too) is responsible; unless you happen to be a 3 year old or a serial killer serving your life sentence, in which case you don't have access to the internet and you're not reading this. Implies, each one of you IS infact responsible. Wait, where was I?

Nevermind, so now the question arises, how come each and everyone of you is responsible? - Well, that's because...
1. The very fact that you've made an attempt to better your lives by reading this post.
2. You ain't serving a life sentence for killing anyone.

Point #2 is of utmost importance. You see, all of us has the power to kill. Look around, every single object around us can be used as a weapon to kill someone, but we don't. That implies, we're responsible enough to take care of our actions (wipe the blood stains from the floor, if it goes out of hand).

If you're a working professional reading this from your office, look around, look at that pen on the desk; you can totally use it to stab your boss, but you don't. Partly cause, you don't want him to die such a painless death. Anyways whatever the reason, still you don't.

Incase, you're a student follow these steps:
1. Copy paste the above paragraph.
2. Replace office with school/college.
3. Replace boss with teacher/professor/principal.
4. You got my point.
Exception: If you're a student and you still didn't get my point, congrats you're a geek. :P

And if you're a housewife, take a look at that knife and tell me what comes to your mind first? If its a cabbage, congrats you're responsible. But, if blood come to your mind, sorry to say you need psychiatric help. If neither of it comes to your mind then sorry to say your family needs a cook. Right now.

But in case, you're neither a working professional nor a student or a housewife and still reading this then I'd propose you stop wasting your time on forwarded links these and go look for a job.

Most of you can drive a car or ride a bike. Say, a mentally blind person all of a sudden jumps in front of your vehicle, what do you do? You brake. - RESPONSIBILITY

At times you see a jerk standing at the edge of a cliff/bridge trying to be a hero. You can totally push his ear lobe with your pinky and he'd go supermanning over the edge BUT you don't do it. - RESPONSIBILITY

The same holds true with the use rather lack of mis-use of  a hammer, screwdriver, stapler, chopsticks & a toothpick. - RESPONSIBILITY, RESPONSIBILITY, RESPONSIBILITY, RESPONSIBILITIES & RESPONSIBILITY, respectively.

Responsibility is not only in not killing but also saving a life. Start with your own, charity begins at home. You could be powerful enough to overpower yourself and get yourself killed, but should be responsible enough to know that it might hurt and hence should not be done.

I guess at the end of this post, I would've enlightened you with these 4 things -


Kavita Shahi said...

:O :O :O :) :) :D awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

I understood your post.That makes me a geek.Not. That makes me happy.Yes.
Has that made me more responsible?No.Has that made me chuckle?Yes.
I think it was a cool post =)

Phoenix said...

@Meher... Thanks...glad you liked it. :)

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

right... so i should remember.... no killing the boss... now i remember y i had that paper cutter ordered from stationary....:P

Aanchal said...

see i could have easily avoided reading your post but I did read it- RESPONSIBILITY..:D..

Phoenix said...

@Aanchal ... Thank you bery bery much. :P

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