Stuffs Neil Armstrong's wife told him before he boarded the Apollo 11.

On 20th July 2009, we celebrated 40 years since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. And for the first time in these 40 years, we are bringing to you the conversation that happened between Mr. & Mrs. Armstrong few minutes before he boarded Apollo 11.

These are the things that Mrs. Armstrong told to her husband...

1. Can't you postpone the trip to next week? Me & pappu were plannig to go to fun fair, this sunday. :(

2. Hey, no speeding on the way.

3. Strictly, no going to the lap dancers or bar girls.

4. Take Trampoline. In case the rocket breaks down, you can jump and come back.

5. Don't forget to take the bandar topi (Monkey Cap) & that blue sweater in case it gets too cold.

6. Take jacket & flip flops too, it might rain also, you never know.

7. Honey, you took the mobile and its charger? And don't forget to activate roaming & GPRS (for FB).

8. Don't forget to pack Sun-tan lotion & shades. Hope its sunny up there.

9. Take my Jimmy Choo & kids' choo-choo shoes. That way the whole family can have their footprints on the moon. :D

10. Don't eat too much of "bahar ka khana" (outside food) over there.

11. When you reach there it would be such a special occassion, I want you to look good. Here, wear this black blazer that you wore at our weeding. :D

12. Are you sure they will give you TA/DA (travelling allowance & daily allowance) ?

13. Don't forget the tickets and the passport.

14. Can I come with you? Pleaseeeee...

15. What will you get for me from there?

16. Gimme a call once you reach there.

17. Tell them, its fine as long as this is one time thing, you shouldn't leave us like this and doing these trips every month. :|

18. Tell them, if the engine blows up it'll be because of their technical fault & you should not be fired for it.

19. By the way I forgot, which place you said you're going?

20. (Suspiciously) Are you making this up?


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