I would like to inform all the readers that this is an out and out black humor (not being sarcastic, this time just racist. :P). And faint hearted people stay away, you might…ummm...faint. :P

In today’s day and age, relationships are changing. Earlier a guy and a girl would fall in love and would love each other till the end of their lives….breakups were unheard of. Today linkups & breakups are as common as having hair in your nose. What if the same trend is caught up in a parent-child relationship too? Discussions like these would be a common thing....

1. Father (on call): Son, its not working out. We’re done. We’re breaking up with you. Please don’t call back.

2. Guy1: Why you broke up with your parents?
Guy2 : They had a roving eye. They always used to praise other's sons...it was a headache whenever we went to a party or a marriage or something. Would leave me and chat with other people's children all the time.

3. Couple1: Why you dumped your son?
Couple2: He wasn't really our type. Your son is so cool, would want someone like him.
Couple1: A couple of his friends are single right now. You want us to talk to them, if anyone's interested.
Couple2: Sure. That'll be great.

4. Guy (to his co-passengers): So, you have any kids?
Husband: Na, we're single.
Guy: Great...Me too. So can I have your no. ? I can take you guys out someday...maybe to a mandir or yoga classes.
Wife: No, thanks. Sorry, but we're not really looking for anyone right now. Just out of a 2 year long relationship with our ex-daughter...been only a couple of week, so we need sometime. Hope you understand. :(
Guy: I understand. :|

5. Husband: Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! (dancing with joy)
Wife: What happened, you look so happy?
Husband: Our son just called. He said, he's moving in with us.
Wife: Yipeee...wow...finally, we'll have a 'live-in' son!!! :) :)

6. Guy1: Dude, why are you crying? What happened?
Guy2: I broke up with my parents.
Guy1: Why?
Guy2: They cheated on me. I was out of town last week for work, everyday they used to invite the college guy living next door as paying guest...for lunch & dinner.

7. Girl1: So, how's it going with your new parents?
Girl2: Not that great. They're very possessive types. Even if I smile and talk to any neighboring auntie/uncle or our family friends when they come over for poker nights...my parents feel bad about it. They're being typical jealous parents.
Girl1: I understand. My ex-parents were the same. That's the exact reason why I dumped them.

8. Couple1: Hey, I heard you people broke up with your daughter, why?
Couple2: She had commitment issues. None of her relationships have lasted more than 2-3years since childhood. In 20 years, she's had close to a dozen parents. We realized, there's no future with her...so we decided to part ways. :( :(

9. Couple1: Yipeeeeeee..... :D :D :D
Couple2: What happened? You look so happy and excited.
Couple1: Our daughter proposed to us. She wants to put our name in her birth certificate. Yayyy!!! :)))

10. Couple1: My son's gf saw you guys when you came for our 25th anniversary celebrations last week. She said she's interested in you people, what do you say?
Couple2: Sorry. Tell her, we're soft but not ready to adopt (single but not ready to mingle :O). :|

P.S. : No offences/preferences to anyone. This note was not created to hurt anyone's fake sentiments.

As Karan Johar has said.... "Its all about leaving ..errr... loving your parents."


maglomaniac said...

I have just been grinning from ear to ear.
Wonderful post.
You caught the toughest of all genres-Humor and that too straight by the neck,
wud cum back 2 read more:)


Phoenix said...

@Harsha... Thank you so much. Glad you liked it. Would love to have you back. (sorry for such a late reply, I know I've not been too regular). Hopefully, now I will.

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

haha...thats was an awesome post.Loved it. :) you're darn good with humour.

Phoenix said...

@Meher... Thanks for the appreciation. :)

Acai Cleanse Detox said...

Hohoho, you write really well on situations that are possible to arise if world goes on becoming confusing at the rate it is now.

side effects acai said...

"Why you dumped your son?""
that is really funny man.
Parents dumping their children.

Phoenix said...

@AcaiCleanseDetox... Well ya, you never know...these days anything's possible.

@SideEffectsAcai... Thanks. :) It could happen you know. :-S

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