Things you don't wanna hear the doctor saying when you're lying on the operation table.

1. "Oops..."

2. "Omg, its 5 already. Nurse, you finish the rest, I need to go pick up my son from the school."

3. "You know what...I left this part in options for the final exams."

4. Nurse : "We're out of thread." Doctor : "Nevermind, we'll staple him."

5. "I'm tired...let's call it a day. We'll finish the rest tommorrow."

6. "Let us first cut the ribbon, this is my first time."

7. "I think we need more practice."

8. "This guy's coming for the third time don't stitch, put zipper instead."

9. "I wonder what happens if I cut this vein..."

10. "You know, I was working in a garage before I was hired here?"

11. "(on phone) 5 Lacs for the kidney...Deal!!!"

12. "Wish we had a Ctrl+Z (undo) button in the Operation Theater."

13. "We are out of local anesthesia? No issues, bring the duct tape."

14. "Does anyone else wanna have weed?"

15. "Hold on, my car's getting towed. Brb."

16. Nurse : "Doctor, Is this your watch that we were looking for?" Doctor : "No dear, that's your bracelet. Keep looking guys."

17. "If I see blood, I faint..."

18. "I passed my practicals with 40%"

19. "Let's get this done in 10mins. My gf's waiting downstairs."

20. "I thought this was a dummy."


Meera said...

OMG! I never wanna hear any of those!

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